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Achieving Operational Excellence

Everybody wants their business to succeed but somehow they just need a little help to get there.  There is always something in the way…. more government regulations, new competition, changing technology, business challenges or just a lack of time to adjust to the changes.

Achieving operational excellence is not just a goal but it’s following a path to success.  Success, however, is not easy otherwise everyone would make it to the top of their industry.  It takes time, the right culture, and progressiveness. There is never enough time.  And getting your staff all on the same page so they all work together is challenging.  Then there is the problem of identifying the risk and returns that are at hand.  Being too complacent can hide those risks that can handy-cap a business and keep rewards just out of reach; that’s where having a good business resource is essential.

We are that resource.  We can assist you in achieving operational excellence.  We will provide the time necessary to develop a winning culture, identify the rewards and manage the necessary risks; allowing you to focus on your normal activities.  Using us as a resource you can make your business grow.

You will learn from our analysis of your business just where to focus the businesses’ resources, identify your business risks, and provide solutions.  Our analysis will objectively focus on your business needs and provide solutions to make your business succeed.

To achieve operational excellence, the process is on-going.  You need to take it one step at a time.  In each step, there is the analysis, the solutions, a decision, an action and then a follow-up.

The Process

There are three main areas that are reviewed.  In the three areas there are many subcategories in which are only discuss in brief.  These main areas include:

  1. IT Management.
  2. Risk Management.
  3. Clinical Control Systems.

IT Management

Your businesses IT Management process will be explored to determine its flexibility, sustainability, manageability, and safety.  This includes the company’s networking, e-mail, hoisting, electronic records, recordkeeping, and other services that provide support to the “back office”.

Risk Management

Business Risk Management includes many areas where potential losses for the business may occur.  Not managing business risks can decimate a business.  These areas may be created by the regulatory environments, natural events, business events, and actions or omissions.

Clinical Control Systems

Clinical control Systems deals with office performance or work culture, claims processing, patient scheduling, patient tracking, Insurance approval process, medical charting and records, and other clinical systems.

The Standards

ISO 3100:  this standard establishes principles of making risk management effective and integrating it into the organization’s overall governance, strategy, reporting practices, policies, values and culture.

ISO 9001:  This standard focuses on quality management; it enables healthcare providers to manage risks effectively by proactively monitoring the effectiveness of systems already in place.

ISO 27799:  The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance and a set of controls for managing health information security.

What is not done?

There are some areas that are not reviewed.  We do not sell insurance products, but we willing to assist you in a discussion with your insurance agent to determine if the risks that are identified are insurable.

We do not get involved with the actual care of your patients.  You are the expert in this area.  However, the analysis does deal with the process before and after the care is provided.

The analysis of the business does expose some of the financial aspects of the business.  However, business finances are between you and your CPA and banker.  We are willing assist you in any discussion between your CPA and banker, if necessary.

We do not provide legal advice.

The process may not identify all risks, opportunities for improvement, or business conditions.  The process is based exclusively on the information provided and the conditions at the time of evaluation.  The process can only succeed based on your effort.


All information provided in the process will be kept confidential.  No information will be released to any third party without your express approval.